Like A Fool.

We take a chance from time to time and put our necks out on the line. And you have broken every promise that we have made. And I have loved you anyway. Took a fine time to leave me hanging out to dry. Understand now I’m grieving so don’t you waste my time. Cause you have taken all the wind out from my sails. And I have loved you just the same.

We finally find this, now you’re gone. Been chasing rainbows all along. And you have cursed me when there’s no one left to blame. And I have loved you just the same.

And you have broken every single fucking rule. And I have loved you like a fool.


By the glow of the laptop screen.

I pull my hair to one side of my head.

I scratch my forehead.

I sniffle a bit because I was just crying

And I think of you.

I close my eyes and count my breath

In for four, out for five.

My nose itches.

There you are again.

I feel the weight of my laptop against my knees.

I tap my thumb against the track pad.

My wrist hurts.

Stop. Please. I’m trying my best.

I look at the time.



I run my fingers over the keys. The i, k, o, l, m, p, t, .

Are you here yet?

Oh please, come find me.