So I didn’t do anything glamorous or Instagram-worthy tonight for New Year’s. I didn’t dress up or have someone to kiss at midnight. Instead, I played cards with my housemates for about four hours. We rang in the new year with half-drank beer cans and wine glasses. They aren’t the coolest people, they aren’t perfect friends, we don’t always get along, and we definitely don’t always like each other. But they love me and I love them. They support me. And they make me laugh until it hurts.

So maybe that’s what I need this year. To surround myself with the people who are already in my life. Not better people, people who have more or do more or give more.
I don’t need to be in search of something else.
I have everything I need right here.

Hopefully this makes sense. I’m about 6 beers in so all bets are off, but it feels right.

I hope 2017 gives you light, love and happiness. Happy New Year.