I’m moving on to the next chapter of my life in about a month and I want to forgive myself of some things before I do. I always forget that it’s okay for me to make mistakes. I need to spend more energy exercising forgiveness instead of blame & doubt. Here it goes…

Sarah, my dearest, my only.
I forgive you for not being as motivated as you’d like to be. I forgive you for getting in your own way too often. I forgive you for spending so many years hating your father. He left this world knowing just how much you love him.
Sarah, I forgive you for causing emotional pain to that one family because you made a couple stupid, really dumb mistakes. You were 21 and you’ve learned.
I forgive you for not loving yourself more. I forgive you for slicing your leg open with a blade for a year. You were trying so hard to hate yourself when all you needed was love.  I forgive you for not being smarter, prettier and thiner. At the end of the day, you are beyond wonderful just as you are.

I forgive you for all of this and so much more.
I love you.