I flew ‘home’ yesterday to visit my Mom and my brother’s family for a few days. It feels so good to be surrounded by family and by people who love you.

Today, I got to meet my newest niece, who was born in July. It was one of those magical moments when you’re holding a baby and you think about all of the love you have for this person. You think about how lucky you are to have the absolute honour of watching them grow into adulthood. I was so overwhelmed by these thoughts that I almost cried.

The word family has always been something I’ve struggled to define. My own family growing up was my Mom, my Dad and my two older brothers. However my parents split when I was younger (around 3) and that made it difficult to have the kind of family I think I needed as a child. We are a loving family, but fairly disconnected from one another- it sort of felt like we were just individuals that lived around each other and not actually family. And then when I was 17, my younger little brother came along. Needless to say, my family is complex and diverse yet, beautiful.

I’ve always been searching for an ‘ideal’ family. Where both parents are still madly in love, they have at least three kids and a dog, and they’re always tired but they make it work. While I’m sure this type of family exists, this will never be my family. And that’s okay. More than okay actually. Because as I held that beautiful baby girl today, I realized that these people- the ones around me, asking me about school and work and life- these are the people I want as family. And I’m so lucky that they want me back.


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