Making It Happen.

You know that sentiment that goes something like ‘You can’t wait around for things to happen, you have to make them happen’? Welp, here’s my first, blog-tastic attempt.

Things I want:
1.) To be healthier.
2.) To feel fulfilled.
3.) To fall in love.
4.) To have a family.
5.) To help those around me.

How I’m going to achieve this:
1.) GO TO THE GYM MORE OFTEN! Sarah, you pay for it already love, just go.
2.) Be proactive about the opportunities around you.
3.) Try new things, meet new people.
4.) Surround myself with those who qualify as family.
5.) Reach out. Show up. Keep my word. Care.

I’m hoping I can start to make small changes. I need small changes. I feel like I’m at a precipice right now- one misstep in the wrong direction and I could be lost forever.


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