Sunshine, Protests, and Coffee

Today has been a wonderful day. It’s always nice to start such a beautifully sunny Fall morning off with a social justice event. I attended the In Solidarity Protest, at Beaver Hills, Amiskwaskahegan in Cree, located in downtown Edmonton this morning. It was organized by SOS Mexico Edmonton Though small in numbers, it packed an inspirational punch. There were traditional Mexican singers, community leaders, and a First Nation elder in attendance. It was quite something to see so many people who aren’t of Mexican descent show up at the rally to stand in solidarity. Because this isn’t just a Mexican problem, but a universal one, which was made glaringly apparent by the First Nations elder, Taz Uche, who’s speech made you realize how this kind of tragedy happens all the time, and in your own back yard. These kinds of protests always find a way to ground me and keep me true to my passions. It’s easy to get caught up in your own life and family, and forget about the world we will live. Not to say our lives and families aren’t important, but we’re all a part of a much bigger picture. Our brothers and sisters across the world need to know we’ve got their backs. Even if we’re 5,175kms away from each other.

Context: Last year, on September 26, forty three Mexican students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico were disappeared by the Mexican government and drug cartels because these students spoke out against the government. The act of disappearing someone isn’t new to Mexico, but this stood out as a notable atrocity.


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