I Pick My Posion

And it’s you.
So I definitely, maybe, sort of, totally did steal my heading from Rita Orr’s song, “Poison,” but oh well. Hopefully she forgives me. I listened to her song for the first time today and it made me feel something. I’m still not quite sure what it has inspired in me, but I think mostly a longing for something else. Someone else.
I want someone to be my ‘poison.’ I want someone to want me back. Is that strange? Or is that normal? Or are my suppressed teenage-emotions resurfacing after a few (I’m being generous) dormant years?

Damn you, Rita. Damn you and your super catchy, love-inspiring, song.



One thought on “I Pick My Posion

  1. tpcsufian

    I don’t think it’s strange. I still long for my ex sometimes even though he’s a Narcissist and wasn’t very good in bed. Lol. But for some reason, I find myself comparing every guy I associate with to him.


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