Today was a good day.

The title is pretty much self-explanatory, but today was a good day. I was excited to go to work which is something I’m thankful for. I quite like my job, which is a novel experience. I used to babysit for a while and then I worked at a major retail chain, and both jobs were good in the sense that they paid my bills- but I never quite felt fulfilled by them. Not like this job. Anyways, I think today was good because I had time in the morning to myself. You know those few minutes that you sometimes get in the morning before you really have to start getting ready, maybe in-between breakfast and getting dressed. Where you just get to sit and enjoy your coffee and for those few minutes, not stress about what you have to do. I actually woke up on time (not delayed by 15 minutes which is my usual) so I got to enjoy my morning. And holy moly, does it really alter the tone for which your day is set. I wish you all 5 minutes tomorrow of peaceful, stress-free morning.


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